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Friday, June 10, 2016

Trip Down the Coast!!

Hello dear friends, I am back again. It seems to rain every morning and then burn off in the afternoon so it makes great time to sit and write my blog while I am watching the ocean out my sliding glass doors. 

We saw a wonderland on our drive down, it was so amazing and we stopped to get some pictures of it, so for a few moments lets look at some of the photos. It makes me wish that I had a fairy outfit with me or pirate outfit so I could play in the trees. 

It just looks like a fairy land, they were so beautiful and green and lush .. I fell in love with this area. 


These trees were not as big as the redwoods but they are beautiful. 


Our next big stop was above Cannon Beach. It was amazing and we got to enjoy walking on the sand.  Mama and her friend Lynn love coming to the ocean and spending time just enjoying the beach. Mama wished they were down here together and got a chance to pray and walk on the beach. 

We were on the creek here too, it was an ecological area where fresh water meets salt water. There are certain animals that need both and live here in the middle area. 

Here I am below Cannon Beach now .. we are at the big parking lot on the beach about to go eat at Mo's for lunch. Nana loves to eat sea food, Mama hates it but this is Nana's time to eat all she wants so we suffer through the smell. LOL 

The wind was blowing my hair in my face and trying to knock me over so Nana caught my legs and kept me from falling off the wood. LOL .. 

The trees on the coast are so funny, they are all shaped sideways from the wind blowing across them. There will be more photo coming up .. we are headed out .. 



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