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Thursday, June 9, 2016

To The Oregon Coast!!

Hey Friends, how are you doing?? I am WONDERFUL!! I am at the beach .. I am so excited to be in our motel and sliding glass door open to hear and see the ocean outside our door. Beautiful. 


We are at the Silver Surf motel, it is our favorite place in Oregon for our vacations. I am so happy that we are here, it is wonderful to be at the ocean and just hearing those waves, I cannot wait till tomorrow when we can go explore. 

When I got to the motel room all my friends were there to greet me. I was so excited and shocked. They are here for a few days, then Marsali, Taryn, and Tayla are staying for the rest of the visit. I am so excited we are going to have so much fun. Tayla and I are going to ride the horses a lot. I am happy and ready to do a happy dance with Tayla. What a wonderful surprise. We had a big group hug. We are all so excited to spend this time together. It will be fun to have everyone here. 

It is raining today so we are not going out yet but it is not even noon yet so we are still hoping for some bright cheery weather. We are going to a fabric store probably today to find more fabric for me. LOL .. we are looking for hedgehogs for my room. I will have to share the fabric we have so far.

Tayla and I are so happy to get this opportunity to spend some time on the beach. We have never been here together so we are excited. Specially to ride horses around the area. If it will just stop raining long enough to go and play.


On our way down to Silver Surf we say a helicopter and I wanted a photo for my bucket list. We are making up a list at home of all the things we want to do or see when we no longer have the dogs. Mama and Nana and us kids are forever wishing to do things we just cannot do with the hairy kids. So we decided to make a list. 

 I will share more about the trip down to Silver Surf later, we are off to have some fun. 

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