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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Riding Horses Around Yachats!!

Hello Sweet Friends, Tayla and I had a lot of fun yesterday, we got up early in the morning and headed out with the horses. It was so much fun to ride up and down the coast .. I love my horse Spider and Tayla has her horse Whiskey. Jayd's horse Pagan and Whiskey are brothers and look a lot alike, but Whiskey is older than Pagan. 


The day was beautiful, we had very little wind and lots of sun shine.  The ocean had good big waves and beautiful rocks. The horses were ready to ride and seemed to have just as good a time as we did. 

We really enjoyed the beautiful sand and sun. Tayla and I have decided that we love riding horses and plan to much more of that this summer. Just wish that we had more time at the ocean to do our riding. 

We rode up off the beach and climbed a hill so we could see the ocean from above, it was just such a beautiful ride, we love the time we have going around the area, it is amazing. 


 The next three photos were taken off the cliff, it looks like the rocks and tide pools are right there in front of us but they are down a pretty good drop from the hill. We loved the view as we rode up the hill. 

 We rode up the mountain even further it was so green and lush and beautiful up there. It was amazing and so neat to see the vines climbing up the trees. It is hard to believe that they are actually not good for the trees to have those vines growing. 

 Have you ever ridden horses? Do you like horses? We had so much fun riding around looking at the ocean from above and enjoying some time together just the four of us .. I love riding. 


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