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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Out Doors!!

Hello my friends, how are you doing?? Me wonderful we are having a blast at the coast. We got new hedgehog fabric for my bedroom too .. I am so excited to get my room done soon. 

 Marsali, Taryn, Tayla and I did some rollerblading yesterday morning .. We have been having so much fun, we are excited about being here and playing on the beach and around. 


 Yesterday morning us girls decided to go out and do some rollerblading, we were having great fun together. The rest of the kids went home so just a few of us are here to do things. We are doing our own things .. tomorrow we are taking the horses out and having some fun if the weather is good. 

We were chatting and skating in the beautiful weather. It has been so rainy the first few days that we just went out and walked on the beach. 

 Here we are racing up and down the driveway. The weather was perfect for being out playing in the sun. 


 Tayla and I were skating around is circles too. I really love my best friend. We are great together, there is no one like Tayla in my life, she is amazing. 

Do you have a friend that will do anything with you and  be there for you for all of the good and bad in life? I pray you do.


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