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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hello My Friends, how are you all this fine day. We had a blast yesterday. Some people might not think that visiting an older cousin would be fun, but we love Virginia. She is wonderful and loves the Lord like we do and it was a great visit. 


Here is me and cousin Virginia, she is so fun to visit and share a morning and afternoon catching up. Mama and Nana used to visit her once a year but they enjoy the time together so they are going to make it every four months or so .. I cannot wait to visit again. 

Virginia supports a girl through World Vision in Ethiopia. She does not write as often as we write our girls but she can send things to her that we cannot send anymore now that they changed our mailing. Our letters get there and their answers come to us so much faster now. I love the new system and so does Tayla. I miss Tayla and sure wish she was able to come down too. 


Mama found the neatest thing for our kitchen at home, they went to the kitchen store and found cutting sheers for Sarafina and I both.  We were so excited to see our size sheers. We use the big ones with Nana so much and love them. Now we can cut our pizza on the pizza night this week. 

Oh I forgot to share some exciting news, I found some new Hedgehog fabric for my sleeping bag. It is actually the same pattern as the hedgehogs for my quilt, but with a green background and it looks so camping style I love it. We get to our motel tomorrow and after we have packed everything in I will try to post pics of the two fabrics and coordinate fabrics we got.

Well on our way today we will have OCEAN photos, as long as it is not raining we are going to stop a lot at different beaches and see Mama's favorite ones. I cannot wait .. Laters .. 

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