Extra Notes!!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Moving Posts and Blog!!

Just a quick note to say I have had it with Blogger lately and moved to weebly .. come follow me there I moved all my posts ..

Splashing with Maya Raynn!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Riding on the Beach!!

Hello dear friends, I am back now, we had a long trip to the coast and had so much fun. As I posted earlier. We love to spend time down where it is cool and nice. I could even handle the rain just to be cool this summer. 

The next day we decided to ride the horses down on the beach because we did not get time to the day before. We rode the cliffs and roads around the beach but did not get time to go on the beach. 

It was a beautiful day and the sun was out, wind was not bad, sky was blue. Amazing!! 

Here we are just having fun on our horses .. it was too cold here to ride into the surf and swim the horses, I love riding into the lake at home with the horses and swimming .. Mama loves it too .. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Riding Horses Around Yachats!!

Hello Sweet Friends, Tayla and I had a lot of fun yesterday, we got up early in the morning and headed out with the horses. It was so much fun to ride up and down the coast .. I love my horse Spider and Tayla has her horse Whiskey. Jayd's horse Pagan and Whiskey are brothers and look a lot alike, but Whiskey is older than Pagan. 


The day was beautiful, we had very little wind and lots of sun shine.  The ocean had good big waves and beautiful rocks. The horses were ready to ride and seemed to have just as good a time as we did. 

We really enjoyed the beautiful sand and sun. Tayla and I have decided that we love riding horses and plan to much more of that this summer. Just wish that we had more time at the ocean to do our riding. 

We rode up off the beach and climbed a hill so we could see the ocean from above, it was just such a beautiful ride, we love the time we have going around the area, it is amazing. 


 The next three photos were taken off the cliff, it looks like the rocks and tide pools are right there in front of us but they are down a pretty good drop from the hill. We loved the view as we rode up the hill. 

 We rode up the mountain even further it was so green and lush and beautiful up there. It was amazing and so neat to see the vines climbing up the trees. It is hard to believe that they are actually not good for the trees to have those vines growing. 

 Have you ever ridden horses? Do you like horses? We had so much fun riding around looking at the ocean from above and enjoying some time together just the four of us .. I love riding. 


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Out Doors!!

Hello my friends, how are you doing?? Me wonderful we are having a blast at the coast. We got new hedgehog fabric for my bedroom too .. I am so excited to get my room done soon. 

 Marsali, Taryn, Tayla and I did some rollerblading yesterday morning .. We have been having so much fun, we are excited about being here and playing on the beach and around. 


 Yesterday morning us girls decided to go out and do some rollerblading, we were having great fun together. The rest of the kids went home so just a few of us are here to do things. We are doing our own things .. tomorrow we are taking the horses out and having some fun if the weather is good. 

We were chatting and skating in the beautiful weather. It has been so rainy the first few days that we just went out and walked on the beach. 

 Here we are racing up and down the driveway. The weather was perfect for being out playing in the sun. 


 Tayla and I were skating around is circles too. I really love my best friend. We are great together, there is no one like Tayla in my life, she is amazing. 

Do you have a friend that will do anything with you and  be there for you for all of the good and bad in life? I pray you do.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Trip Down the Coast!!

Hello dear friends, I am back again. It seems to rain every morning and then burn off in the afternoon so it makes great time to sit and write my blog while I am watching the ocean out my sliding glass doors. 

We saw a wonderland on our drive down, it was so amazing and we stopped to get some pictures of it, so for a few moments lets look at some of the photos. It makes me wish that I had a fairy outfit with me or pirate outfit so I could play in the trees. 

It just looks like a fairy land, they were so beautiful and green and lush .. I fell in love with this area. 


These trees were not as big as the redwoods but they are beautiful. 


Our next big stop was above Cannon Beach. It was amazing and we got to enjoy walking on the sand.  Mama and her friend Lynn love coming to the ocean and spending time just enjoying the beach. Mama wished they were down here together and got a chance to pray and walk on the beach. 

We were on the creek here too, it was an ecological area where fresh water meets salt water. There are certain animals that need both and live here in the middle area. 

Here I am below Cannon Beach now .. we are at the big parking lot on the beach about to go eat at Mo's for lunch. Nana loves to eat sea food, Mama hates it but this is Nana's time to eat all she wants so we suffer through the smell. LOL 

The wind was blowing my hair in my face and trying to knock me over so Nana caught my legs and kept me from falling off the wood. LOL .. 

The trees on the coast are so funny, they are all shaped sideways from the wind blowing across them. There will be more photo coming up .. we are headed out .. 



Thursday, June 9, 2016

To The Oregon Coast!!

Hey Friends, how are you doing?? I am WONDERFUL!! I am at the beach .. I am so excited to be in our motel and sliding glass door open to hear and see the ocean outside our door. Beautiful. 


We are at the Silver Surf motel, it is our favorite place in Oregon for our vacations. I am so happy that we are here, it is wonderful to be at the ocean and just hearing those waves, I cannot wait till tomorrow when we can go explore. 

When I got to the motel room all my friends were there to greet me. I was so excited and shocked. They are here for a few days, then Marsali, Taryn, and Tayla are staying for the rest of the visit. I am so excited we are going to have so much fun. Tayla and I are going to ride the horses a lot. I am happy and ready to do a happy dance with Tayla. What a wonderful surprise. We had a big group hug. We are all so excited to spend this time together. It will be fun to have everyone here. 

It is raining today so we are not going out yet but it is not even noon yet so we are still hoping for some bright cheery weather. We are going to a fabric store probably today to find more fabric for me. LOL .. we are looking for hedgehogs for my room. I will have to share the fabric we have so far.

Tayla and I are so happy to get this opportunity to spend some time on the beach. We have never been here together so we are excited. Specially to ride horses around the area. If it will just stop raining long enough to go and play.


On our way down to Silver Surf we say a helicopter and I wanted a photo for my bucket list. We are making up a list at home of all the things we want to do or see when we no longer have the dogs. Mama and Nana and us kids are forever wishing to do things we just cannot do with the hairy kids. So we decided to make a list. 

 I will share more about the trip down to Silver Surf later, we are off to have some fun. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hello My Friends, how are you all this fine day. We had a blast yesterday. Some people might not think that visiting an older cousin would be fun, but we love Virginia. She is wonderful and loves the Lord like we do and it was a great visit. 


Here is me and cousin Virginia, she is so fun to visit and share a morning and afternoon catching up. Mama and Nana used to visit her once a year but they enjoy the time together so they are going to make it every four months or so .. I cannot wait to visit again. 

Virginia supports a girl through World Vision in Ethiopia. She does not write as often as we write our girls but she can send things to her that we cannot send anymore now that they changed our mailing. Our letters get there and their answers come to us so much faster now. I love the new system and so does Tayla. I miss Tayla and sure wish she was able to come down too. 


Mama found the neatest thing for our kitchen at home, they went to the kitchen store and found cutting sheers for Sarafina and I both.  We were so excited to see our size sheers. We use the big ones with Nana so much and love them. Now we can cut our pizza on the pizza night this week. 

Oh I forgot to share some exciting news, I found some new Hedgehog fabric for my sleeping bag. It is actually the same pattern as the hedgehogs for my quilt, but with a green background and it looks so camping style I love it. We get to our motel tomorrow and after we have packed everything in I will try to post pics of the two fabrics and coordinate fabrics we got.

Well on our way today we will have OCEAN photos, as long as it is not raining we are going to stop a lot at different beaches and see Mama's favorite ones. I cannot wait .. Laters ..